To my readers:

Hello my awesome readers.  I just want to write a letter of gratitude, because ya’ll are the ones that make this possible. It seems that any day I’m having doubts about whether or not I can do this, I have a comment written on one of my random pages, saying how I helped or inspired someone.

So for those of you who have written on one of my posts, let me say “Thank you for the inspiration you give to me”, because without your support, this could not be possible for me.

Alright, enough mush for tonight, the last 48 hours have been epic, lots of Guild Wars 2, some ancestry and genealogy research, and now a bit of bloggin’.  My husband is baking some tilapia and shrimp in a green pepper and old bay topping.  That will be dinner, then a little TV time and off to bed.  Life is good good good!

3 comments on “To my readers:

  1. I also want to lose 60 lbs and 3 weeks into it, i’ve lose 18. I already have some ‘likes’ and dislikes for the food yet with the investment I am making, this WILL be the diet that works AND lasts.

    Thanks for your diligence and hard work. I truly appreciate it and will share it with a friend who – alfer seeing my early success is going on it. Her 1st week she lost 4 lbs and is looking to lose 100. It’s good to have another ‘buddy’ to go through this with.

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