Here’s a surprise: I’m still infatuated with Guild Wars 2 a week after launch, entering the final 20-level spread of the PvE game with PvP and World vs. World and all the other potential character builds and instanced stories in the offing. At this rate, I’ll either need a TARDIS or a 12-step program to break away long enough to finish The Last Story, Dragon’s DogmaLittleBigPlanet (for PS Vita) and Resident Evil 6. If I sound like a broken record…well, a broken record wouldn’t play, so let’s just call me a skipping needle.

You’ve maybe seen my list of things I didn’t care for in Guild Wars 2, which honestly took some putting together given how few and far between the foibles are. Here’s another that took almost no time at all: a list of things I love about the game, and what I think it…

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