Back from Alaska!

Well, I successfully made it back from Alaska, go team!  I made a blog for that trip alone, and now realize that was silly, as it’s going to be freakishly long posts about the various aspects of the cruise.  I weighed in from the ship at 170.0 , which was a sad sad day, but only 5 more days until I go back onto phase 1 of the diet, so I’m looking forward to dropping my excess 5 lbs along with an additional 15-20, get me down to about 145.0 and take a look at where I am when I get there.

The trip was amazing, the food was “eh” so so, the staff were phenomenal, and not having internet for 9 days just about did me in I’m afraid! Haha!  Well, I was just checking in, it’ll be back to recipes and daily updates here in a week, keep me in line ya’ll!

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