Chicken is as Chicken does

Tonight was a chicken night, and my carb-intake was taken away by divine intervention. My twice baked potato fell off the baking pan and splattered onto the bottom of the oven.  Thank you divine intervention, I understand that I didn’t need that potato, and yes, the green beans were way more acceptable.

Tomorrow is payday, and that means I’m going to order Wonderslim again and can’t wait to start integrating it back into my daily lifestyle.

It’s Monday yet again!

This weekend was great, great friends, family, food and fun, holy F! (no, I mean, literally, lots of words with F in them).  We started our weekend by driving out to see family on Friday night after work, making very healthy choices for food when we got there (turkey breast, chipotle mayo and cheese sandwich on whole grain).

Saturday was walking, followed by more walking, and then some more walking, with Bubba Gump shrimp in between.

Sunday was bliss.  A nice car ride home, met by two dogs who missed us (and then proceeded to shed all over the car) and two cats that seemed to not even notice we were gone.  Life is good.

Are You Planning to Upgrade to Windows 8?

Are You Planning to Upgrade to Windows 8?.

LifeHacker posted a fun poll today about folks upgrading to Windows 8, or not.  I won’t be upgrading too soon, but as my job requires me to be able to troubleshoot stuff for MS Office, I’ll be needing 2013 of that anyways and may look at Windows 8 at that time.

One downside of Windows 8…I have issues with overly geometric designs…

I’m a PC

I’m a Mac, and an iPhone, my husband, PC and Android. We make it work 😉

Welcome to my Merry-Go-Round!

Windows versus Mac.  Even more importantly, Android versus iPhone.  You are one or the other.  They are both beautiful.

Pricing with a new contract comparable.  So how do you choose?  Quite truthfully, the Samsung blows away the iPhone in my opinion.  Bigger, better, faster, stronger.  lol

I always say I’m a Windows girl.  Not a Mac girl.  Why is that?  I guess primarily because most business environments that I have worked in are fans of Bill Gates , not Steve Jobs.  Everything is Windows, not Mac.  I have never worked on a Mac.  Would I like it?  Probably.  I think they are beautiful.  Pricey.  But pretty.  Pretty Pricey I guess.  And in my field of accounting, $ rule the world.  But those “I’m a PC” and “I’m a Mac” commercials?  Killer.  Love them.  They speak the truth, lol.

I see that Mac is now entering the “mini” tablet market.

I think that’s great…

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