The Cold Hard Truth

Holy crap I am not ready for fall, or winter for that matter.  It is currently 42 degrees out, with a HIGH of 51.  Our temps today are actually only 9 degrees apart.  This tells me: Tea Tea Tea. I slept like a rock last night, was totally exhausted by 11:00 and just pretty much passed out.  I stepped onto the SOD this morning (Scale Of Doom) and it informed me that my current fatness is 168.2…oh…ok.

Now that I’m back under 170 I’m feeling like I can probably make it to 165 within a couple of weeks if I play my cards right, and maybe break into the 150’s by Thanksgiving (perfect time to sabotage myself).

After seeing how I feel with the slightest re-gain, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to make myself a re-gain “window” by losing an extra 5-10 pounds.  So, the challenge will be this:  lose weight until I get to a point that I look in the mirror and say “DAAAAMN” and then lose an extra 5-10 pounds.

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