Can smells deter cravings?

I wonder, can a smell deter a craving?  I don’t mean like the smell of a meat packing plant when you were craving chocolate.  I’m thinking about Candy Corn scented candles by Yankee Candle.  Then, it goes up from there, what about…Apple Cider ! I love that during the holiday season, but it’s not low in sugar to say the least.  Could this be the beginning of a beautiful thing?  If so, here’s a list of my next “victims”:

Banana Nut Bread

Buttercream (this is a huge weakness of mine, Buttercream frosting , le’ num!)

Coconut Bay


Hazelnut Coffee (I only drink about 4 cups of this stuff a day, this could keep that caffein down a bit.)

Peppermint Bark (I might be able to make it through Christmas with this!)

Pumpkin Pie (Making it past the Thanksgiving Table just got a little easier)

Sparkling Cinnamon (This is good ANY day)

Vanilla Cupcake

Whoopie Pie

So that’s my bucket list of candles to try.  Too bad that means I have to find a way to keep ALL my animals off the surfaces or from running into the tables while they burn.

Half Way to Halloween!

I’m super pumped, it’s over half way to Halloween, and in 10 days there will be kids running down the street, being goofy and just being kids in general.  I’ve been taking it easy but making smart decisions, and making my looooong shopping list from Wonderslim, getting pretty excited about some of their products that I’ve never tried, it’ll be a fun experiment.

I’m not overly concerned about the candy aspect of Halloween, as I haven’t really been that into it since I was a kid.  I WILL admit that I’m concerned about candy corn though…and the accompanying pumpkins for that matter, but I might luck out and find a candle that smells like it…