Can smells deter cravings?

I wonder, can a smell deter a craving?  I don’t mean like the smell of a meat packing plant when you were craving chocolate.  I’m thinking about Candy Corn scented candles by Yankee Candle.  Then, it goes up from there, what about…Apple Cider ! I love that during the holiday season, but it’s not low in sugar to say the least.  Could this be the beginning of a beautiful thing?  If so, here’s a list of my next “victims”:

Banana Nut Bread

Buttercream (this is a huge weakness of mine, Buttercream frosting , le’ num!)

Coconut Bay


Hazelnut Coffee (I only drink about 4 cups of this stuff a day, this could keep that caffein down a bit.)

Peppermint Bark (I might be able to make it through Christmas with this!)

Pumpkin Pie (Making it past the Thanksgiving Table just got a little easier)

Sparkling Cinnamon (This is good ANY day)

Vanilla Cupcake

Whoopie Pie

So that’s my bucket list of candles to try.  Too bad that means I have to find a way to keep ALL my animals off the surfaces or from running into the tables while they burn.

2 comments on “Can smells deter cravings?

  1. I know it’s been a couple of weeks since you posted this, but I just found your blog. For your candles, try a melter. It looks like one of those things to reheat your coffee cup but is used for jar candles. The wax still gets hot & melts, but there’s no flame to hurt your furry friends.

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