Half Way to Halloween!

I’m super pumped, it’s over half way to Halloween, and in 10 days there will be kids running down the street, being goofy and just being kids in general.  I’ve been taking it easy but making smart decisions, and making my looooong shopping list from Wonderslim, getting pretty excited about some of their products that I’ve never tried, it’ll be a fun experiment.

I’m not overly concerned about the candy aspect of Halloween, as I haven’t really been that into it since I was a kid.  I WILL admit that I’m concerned about candy corn though…and the accompanying pumpkins for that matter, but I might luck out and find a candle that smells like it…

2 comments on “Half Way to Halloween!

  1. OhhhMahhhGahhhh Candy Cornnnnnnnnn…… I could smell it THRU the bags in Albertson’s the other day as I passed by the Halloween Aisle of Evil…… Candles could totally be a decent compromise!! 😀 I know that when I’m in Bath & Bodyworks, just smelling a lot of different cool fragrances cheers me up!

    • That’s kind of my thinking. If I can feel satisfied by smelling this stuff, then I could totally beat some of my worst wants.

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