New Recipes on my Blog!

My recipes all moved over from my other blog, hooray!  Check under the “Ideal Protein Recipes” dropdown at the top of the page to see the tons of recipes available.  I’m super excited because this means that all that hard work done MONTHS ago can actually still be used.

Can I get an opinion from the peanut gallery?  Would ya’ll rather I have the recipes broken up in pages like they are now, or make them into blog posts?

Importing Pages from Another Blog

So for those of you who DON’T know, I used to have a blog called “Welcome to the Dark Side”, which was basically a jab at Ideal Protein and making light of the fact that I was seen as rebellious for doing something different, and had gotten kicked off of a diet support group’s site for not being a “true” dieter.

As of this morning, WordPress has agreed to import my pages from my other blog, which include a TON of recipes, like, 80 of them.  I’m hoping I don’t have to do too much reorganizing, but if I do, se la vi I guess.

Once I get those organized, with any luck I’ll be ready to be back on track documenting the recipes I’ve found on the forums I’m a member of as well as online in general.

Here’s hoping the Gods of Technology smile on me.