Importing Pages from Another Blog

So for those of you who DON’T know, I used to have a blog called “Welcome to the Dark Side”, which was basically a jab at Ideal Protein and making light of the fact that I was seen as rebellious for doing something different, and had gotten kicked off of a diet support group’s site for not being a “true” dieter.

As of this morning, WordPress has agreed to import my pages from my other blog, which include a TON of recipes, like, 80 of them.  I’m hoping I don’t have to do too much reorganizing, but if I do, se la vi I guess.

Once I get those organized, with any luck I’ll be ready to be back on track documenting the recipes I’ve found on the forums I’m a member of as well as online in general.

Here’s hoping the Gods of Technology smile on me.

2 comments on “Importing Pages from Another Blog

  1. Sahhh-weeeeeet!!! And The Dark Side it is, indeed!! I’m DYING to go to IP’s huge FB page and tell EVERYONE about, but know it would get deleted as soon as I posted it…. Well, I’ll preach the gospel from my personal page, at least, and tell people about the amazing, affordable, YUMMIER alternative, thanks to you!! 🙂

    • Yeah, I got into a flame-fest with another person on an IP specific group about vitamin content and how IP was better vitamins than anyone else. They asked me if I knew whether I was missing out on anything and I did the math, made this HUGE post showing what brands I used, all the vitamin content etc. of them and how I supplemented the last little bit.

      It was uggggggly, and then I was asked to leave the group, so I did. Now I have a whole blog that I can ramble on about dietdirect and how Wonderslim and ProtiDiet and BariWise are all epic products 😀

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