Friend on Facebook, Follow on Twitter

Today, my husband brought up an extremely valid point…if you’d like to keep an eye on my blogs, but don’t want to be getting emailed about it all the time, don’t have a WordPress account, and don’t like RSS feeds, you can follow me on Twitter, or Like me on Facebook.

I have my blog set to notify both sites whenever I post and it will link to the post there as well.

Facebook will eventually be getting motivational images in a specific album, as well as an album for my success photos, another album for recipes and a final album for some of the handouts available on my blog.

It’ll be taking a while to get that up and running, in the mean time, I’ll be maintaining my blog as usual, and responding to ya’lls comments.

Good night world 🙂

Buy ???

So I saw this last night during my extreme searching, and turns out the website is for sale!

My heart pitter pattered all the way to my e-mail, where I inquired as to the price.  Apparently this was only for “Serious Inquiry” and my piddly offer of $100 was basically laughed at.  The price…get ready for it…

$8,000 (yes, Eight Thousand Dollars)!!!!

Oh my God are you serious?? No way am I going to pay THAT much money for a domain, that’s ridiculous!  So I guess that means that I’ll be sticking with WordPress until the .Blog’s open up next year sometime, because some how I don’t think I’d get $8,000 to pay for the full domain URL.


Such is life I guess, goodbye, you were a nice idea, but I can’t spend that kind of money on you when I could buy a car for the same amount…

Bitter in the Morning

Bitterness slides down my throat, burning me inside.
I know I should be grateful that I’m even on this ride.
My heart skips a beat then settles on a speed.
My soul searches, searches for a need.
A need to be in the present, a need to be in the now.
I know this is what I need but I just don’t know how.
Look into the sunrise, let it know I’m here.
I’ve had my coffee and I’m awake, now let’s get this world in gear.

So, this morning I woke up and had my cup of coffee (thank you Keurig)…but unfortunately it was a “Bold Blend”, and combined with the Keurig desperately needing a descale, made the most bitter coffee I’ve had in a veeeery long time. I added my designated single splenda packet. I also had about a half a cup of milk. It didn’t help!

How does that work out, huh?

Well, apparently it ends up making me feel slightly poetic as I sip the dang stuff, need me my energy and all that jazz.

Today is the first full day that I will have a WordPress, Facebook and Twitter account to maintain, so here’s hoping it isn’t too hard.  My WordPress will post to both my Facebook and my Twitter feeds, so at least I don’t have to re-write my blog every day, wouldn’t THAT take forever?

Well, I’m off to find something witty to say on Facebook, and Twitter, and then…who knows, the day is young!