Bitter in the Morning

Bitterness slides down my throat, burning me inside.
I know I should be grateful that I’m even on this ride.
My heart skips a beat then settles on a speed.
My soul searches, searches for a need.
A need to be in the present, a need to be in the now.
I know this is what I need but I just don’t know how.
Look into the sunrise, let it know I’m here.
I’ve had my coffee and I’m awake, now let’s get this world in gear.

So, this morning I woke up and had my cup of coffee (thank you Keurig)…but unfortunately it was a “Bold Blend”, and combined with the Keurig desperately needing a descale, made the most bitter coffee I’ve had in a veeeery long time. I added my designated single splenda packet. I also had about a half a cup of milk. It didn’t help!

How does that work out, huh?

Well, apparently it ends up making me feel slightly poetic as I sip the dang stuff, need me my energy and all that jazz.

Today is the first full day that I will have a WordPress, Facebook and Twitter account to maintain, so here’s hoping it isn’t too hard.  My WordPress will post to both my Facebook and my Twitter feeds, so at least I don’t have to re-write my blog every day, wouldn’t THAT take forever?

Well, I’m off to find something witty to say on Facebook, and Twitter, and then…who knows, the day is young!

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