I’m a PC

I’m a Mac, and an iPhone, my husband, PC and Android. We make it work 😉

Welcome to my Merry-Go-Round!

Windows versus Mac.  Even more importantly, Android versus iPhone.  You are one or the other.  They are both beautiful.

Pricing with a new contract comparable.  So how do you choose?  Quite truthfully, the Samsung blows away the iPhone in my opinion.  Bigger, better, faster, stronger.  lol

I always say I’m a Windows girl.  Not a Mac girl.  Why is that?  I guess primarily because most business environments that I have worked in are fans of Bill Gates , not Steve Jobs.  Everything is Windows, not Mac.  I have never worked on a Mac.  Would I like it?  Probably.  I think they are beautiful.  Pricey.  But pretty.  Pretty Pricey I guess.  And in my field of accounting, $ rule the world.  But those “I’m a PC” and “I’m a Mac” commercials?  Killer.  Love them.  They speak the truth, lol.

I see that Mac is now entering the “mini” tablet market.

I think that’s great…

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