Skyfall and The Amazing Spiderman

This weekend has been one of movies and video games, primarily video games, but the movies I was able to catch include 007: Skyfall and The Amazing Spiderman.  I’d like to take the opportunity to review both movies, and why I think they’re both worth watching.


This installation of the 007 series does serious justice to the original feel of Bond movies, and Daniel Craig is amazing, gritty and pissed off, but resolved to remain loyal to MI6.  “M” is as cantankerous as any old lioness trying to be put down by younger stronger cubs, and the new “Q” defines “Geek” and is a credit to the Q’s in previous Bond films.

I won’t be giving away any secrets from the movie, but if you LOVE Bond movies, go.  If you are luke warm about them (like me), definitely go, this will change your opinion to LOVE.  If you have hate Bond films, then there’s obviously no help for you and you never wanted to have a car that had guns pop out of the headlights, hundreds of gadgets or guns with handprint specific grips, and you’re poorer for it.

This is also a movie that I’d say definitely justifies going to in the theater.  The action sequences (not to mention explosions) are really something to see when it’s everywhere in front of you.

The Amazing Spiderman

Let’s switch gears and move onto the Spiderman series (thank you Stan Lee, you’re a genius).  The latest version of Peter Parker is a little bit darker, and a lot more relatable for me.  He’s a smart aleck with a gift for getting into the wrong place at the right time.  Flash Thompson is brought in during this movie, staying true to character from the comics.  The movie plays like a pre-qual, with Peter falling for Gwen Stacy (not MaryJane Watson, who shows up later in the comic series).  It has a few “problems” falling within the movie v. the previous 3 Spiderman movies plot lines, but as a stand alone, I’d definitely say it is very enjoyable.  Andrew Garfield (new Spiderman) plays a much more believable character than Toby Maguire, showing a penchant for getting into trouble, teenage mischief and how impulsivity of teenagers can be portrayed in a believable fashion.

If i had to choose between the newer version of Spiderman vs. the series that was released between 2000 and 2007, I’d probably take The Amazing Spiderman along with Spiderman 1 for my favorites, hands down.  We watched this movie on our TV at home, and I felt like it would have been great on a large screen.  If you have the chance to rent it, go for it.  I’d say it’s probably appropriate for a relatively young audience, with no memorable swearing or blood/gore to speak of.

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