Childhood Obesity Hits 31% for children between 2 and 19

Twenty years ago, kids played outside, they climbed trees, played dodge ball.  Do you remember dodge ball?  How about kickball, matball, Rover Red Rover, tag.  The simple things in life really were great back then.  Ten years ago video games took the world by storm, Xbox, Playstation, hell, the Wii.

Kids stopped running so much, and started having overdeveloped thumbs muscles and will end up with arthritis, I wonder if they’ll call it “joyritus”?  The problem is widespread, specifically in America.  It seems like the more we try the more we fail.  We join gyms as adults, run on treadmills until our lungs burn, while our kids sit on the couch and play games, the babysitter of the 21st century.

This problem is not centered around only affluent families, it is also affecting the poorer families as well.

Children in poorer neighborhoods are 28% more likely to become obese compared to their counterparts in middle or upper class neighborhoods, according to a study by Rice University.

From a cultural standpoint, children in neighborhoods with more foreign born families were less likely to suffer from obesity than the others.  This leads researchers to believe there may be a link between our culture (how it’s adapted) and the rate of obesity, both in children and adults.

From this, this is what I get: Americans are fat, and our kids are fat.  It’s not the job of society to get our kids fit and get them off the couch, this job, is ours.  We’ll work overtime for pay, but not put in the overtime to keep our kids healthy and fit.  We’ll work weekends and holidays to impress our bosses, but won’t coach sports, that’s someone else’s ‘job’… and we’ll play on our smartphones, Facebook people every day, budget on our laptops, and watch the latest sitcom.

I ask this of you, my followers, though you may be few and far between.  Beat the odds, don’t be a statistic, put down your laptop and hug your child, play tag with them, let them win, “lose” cable for a night, the world won’t end, I promise 😉

With that being said, this is the thinkslimmer woman, Kara.  Think slim everyone.

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