Listen to Your Voice

So, tonight we have The Voice on TV, and it’s making me think, “Listen to your own voice”. In the vocal world, you have to listen to yourself to stay true to the sound you want.  How come that can’t be said of day to day life?  Each of these artists have made it this far by not compromising their own voice, and staying true to that style.  Here’s a recap of my favorite artists, in no particular order (top 10 only)

Melanie Martinez – Team Adam

Melanie Martinez:  Girl, you are only 17 years old and have the voice of 1,000 souls.  Never lose that level of depth, you amaze me!  Don’t change who you are for the industry, your voice is so unique, but bringing out that push, that fire, know that THAT was one of those goosebump moments.

Terry McDermott – Team Blake

Terry McDermott: Not only are you an amazing singer, you’re Scottish, on the off chance you didn’t notice that.  You are totally true to your rock self, and make no excuses for it.  You make me think of Bon Jovi, Meatloaf and Bryan Adams all rolled into one amazing bundle of Scottish pride.

Cody Belew – Team Ceelo

Cody Belew: Honey, I do not know who is deep down inside of you, but you define originality.  I’ve been told that a woman can’t sing a man’s song, and visa versa, but you broke that rule, and sounded amazing doing it!

Bryan Keith – Team Adam

Bryan Keith:  You have such an amazing heritage, but I love that you aren’t resting on your laurels and the coat tails of your dad.  You are striking out on your own, making YOUR name be something recognized in every American household.  Thank you for staying true to YOU and making your own way.

Amanda Brown – Team Adam

Amanda Brown: Woman, I bow to your lungs!  You can sing it all, I just want to make sure I know who YOU are, because I’m sure the rest of the country will agree!

Nicholas David – Team Ceelo

Nicholas David: AKA “Jesus” , you’ve made it this far without giving in to change, you keep your own appearance, your own style, your own personality.  For that, I applaud you, and you should never need to Lean On anyone, but if you do, America is here for you!

Trevin Hunte – Team Ceelo

Trevin Hunte: You went your own direction this week, and I pray it pays off for you.  You sang Usher’s “Scream” and it was great to see you having a younger energy and enthusiasm.  As an 18 year old, it’s important for you to live life to the fullest!

Cassadee Pope – Team Blake

Cassadee Pope: Hands down, my favorite performance of the night.  The song was bittersweet and I’m sure many can appreciate the message behind it.  You showed a softer, more emotional side and that was so gratifying to see.

Tonight was so great for me, seeing all these great emerging artists being true to their selves. It’s a reminder that when you do what your gut says, it can take you so far. Be true to who you are, whether it is slender, curvaceous or bountiful, and remember to listen to your voice.

Vote for your favorite team member until 10:00AM EST 11/20/2012 here.

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