Breakfast for Dinner

Tonight we got home from the gym and made breakfast for dinner.  Why do I like this meal so much? Because it is totally full of PROTEIN.  Two eggs over easy, 5 slices (yes 5) of turkey bacon skillet cooked to perfection, one cup of Trop50 orange juice, a slice of toast and a small pancake.

Do I feel like I splurged on the pancake and toast?  Yes, a little.  However, this meal was 50 times better than McDonalds, healthwise, and I am feeling like a million bucks!

I had oatmeal (actual rolled oats) this morning for breakfast, with just some cinnamon, vanilla and a tsp of brown sugar and some milk.  It managed to keep me full almost until lunch.  I’ll be trying that out again tomorrow to see how it goes.

Today’s weight: 177.0 , let’s see what tomorrow has to bring.

3 comments on “Breakfast for Dinner

  1. Good on ya–I’ve made an omelette a few times for dinner–2 REAL eggs, not IP or other mix, and mix in low-fat cheese, mushrooms, and other various and sundry vegetables left over in the fridge… sometimes with a tablespoon of spaghetti sauce (I know I have weird tastes)–NUMMY!!! 🙂

    • Salsa’s my weakness, and Frank’s hot sauce! When I make scrambled eggs I like to add a bit of pepperjack cheese (yum). I’m currently not on plan, but am in the process of getting back on “healthy” food with exercise, we’ll see how that works for a couple of months 😉

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