Trackin’ Trials

Well, today is day two of healthier choices, and of course I had to torment myself by jumping on the scale.  I know weight doesn’t change overnight.  Crimeny, it can be a pound a week or less , so who am I to be all antsy to see what the verdict is?  My scale didn’t budget, little bastard.  177.0 , but you know what?  I’ve been here before, I’ve been HIGHER and I was able to get down lower than this, so I know I can do it again.

So far, healthy choices today are going good.  One exact measured serving of oatmeal and a glass of Trop50 for breakfast (yes with brownsugar on the oatmeal, need to find a way to ditch that…anyone ever tried Splenda’s brown sugar?).  Lunch will be in about an hour and depending on where we go I’ll be doing a salad of some sort or a wheat/whole-wheat bread sandwich.

Dinner tonight will be chicken fajitas on low carb tortillas, this is seriously one of my favorite things to cook because it has soo many veggies in it and it is to die for.

Well, I suppose that’s all I got for now, hoping my WordAds end up posting sometime soon, ‘mama needs more diet foods’ and all that! 😉

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