Zumba is Intense!

So, I did it.  I went to Zumba.  I made it 28 minutes before feeling like I was going to either pass out or throw up.  According to various site, Zumba burns roughly 600 calories an hour (if you’re not able to sing or talk while doing it).  I was no way going to talk during those 28 minutes, it was all I could do to keep breath in my body.

Afterwards I went on a leisurely stroll for 30 minutes to cool down (and catch my breath).  Overall it felt like a great workout and I would definitely do it again.  The Zumba class goes for an hour, so I’d like to work my way up to making it to the end of the class at some point.

Well, I’m off to catch up on reading some current news (yay CNN!) and chill out for the evening, today was definitely a good day!

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