It’s a New Year and a New Adventure!

Jessica Simpson lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers PointsPlus

The new year might have started out yesterday, but I feel like I’m starting out a new me as of today.

For those of you keeping tabs, the scale of death informed me last week I had crept back up to 180.2!  Let’s talk about devastation, or more likely, the stages of grief.  I was in denial, I begged, I bribed, and now I made it through to acceptance.

Does it suck?  Yes.

Is this a setback? Yes.

Have I learned from this? Yes.

What have I learned? Get off my darn high horse and realize that just like everyone else, I am merely mortal.  I had considered going back on Ideal Protein, but unfortunately have realized with the addition of cooking for my husband, it’s going to make more sense this time around to do Weight Watchers PointsPlus.

I’ve lost on this program before, although I was never willing to incorporate exercise.  For the record, I’m still trying to determine how they stretched a 4-letter word out into an 8 letter word, it’s two 4-letter words crammed together in my personal opinion, and is doubly bad compared to the rest of those 4-letter words!

So, as soon as my next paycheck arrives, I’ll be driving to the local supermarket and picking up my favorite high-fiber, low calorie breads (Oh Sara Lee Simply Honey Wheat, it’ll be nice having you back in my home), vegetables (onions, bell peppers, and probably some I’ve never tried nor can pronounce), fruits (huge challenge for me to eat fruit) and lean meats (no problems there, but I always seem to cook the same meal).  Finally, it’ll be time for “The Extras”.  Those seasonings that people say they have in their “staples” category for their home.  Taragon?  Parsley?  Parsnip? Is there a difference? Catnip? I don’t know!

I’ve dug out my cookbooks (yes, they have dust on them) and am planning on cooking some sort of dinner every night for the next 3 days.  I’ll focus on day # 4 when I get there, for now, 3 is a good place to start.  Last night was pork chops in a cream-of-onion soup base, which I then put onto Hungry Jack Potato spuds.  Yeah yeah, spuds = duds but they were fewer carbs and calories than my preferred Stovetop Stuffing, so nyeh!

On the fun side of all this transitioning, I’ll get to start adding new recipes that I’ve tried and liked to my blog, hooray!  Although that might mean another breakdown of the pages, which I’m dreading…I can’t lie, dread, dread, dreading!  Or worse, stepping away from the pre-made WordPress blog set up and moving over to a more HTML/CSS style website…

That just about put me into anaphylactic shock, we’ll stick with this layout…for now.

2 comments on “It’s a New Year and a New Adventure!

  1. I wish you all the luck you need to lose your extra weight. I have been fighting the fight also, but IP is still working for me. So by whatever means you need to keep yourself healthy, i’d say good for you!

    • Thanks Mary! Keep fighting the good fight and keep me informed with how you are doing! My journey is by no means over, but as I’m going to be cooking both lunch and dinner every day now for my husband, it makes sense to make my own as well. I will miss Wonderslim’s hot chocolate, might have to buy a box or three to get me through the rest of our winter months, that stuff is seriously great this time of year 😀

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