I can’t believe tonight is the night Justified comes back on! Definitely going to check my DVR to verify it’s going to record for me, as Raylan never leaves a stone un-turned (or a bullet un-fired for that matter!)


Season 1 of Justified began with marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) coming back home to Harlan County, Ky., from Miami. He took some detours early on–to L.A. in one episode–but the show hit a new level in season 2, in which Givens investigated the marijuana-dealing Bennett clan, whose history was knottily entangled with his own and his family’s. Season three brought in a criminal element from Detroit, but again came back to Harlan, fleshing out the African American community of Noble’s Holler and returning to Raylan’s long feud with his criminal father, Arlo.

As much as Justified has richly expanded over three seasons, in other words, its great theme has always been returning to where you came from. So it’s intriguing and promising that season four (beginning tonight on FX) kicks off with another detour–this time into the past–that connects to Harlan County here and now.

I won’t…

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