New Years Resolution Revolution!

So it’s a new year, obviously (hello, 2013).  The last two days I’m proud to say I’ve gone to the gym and done my cardio and my strength rotation.  Tonight will be more gym-time, cardio only.  Tomorrow will be a skip, then it’s time to start morning gym time.  I’m a morning person, or so I like to say.  Here’s the problem; the reason I’m switching to mornings is because the gym is PACKED at night.  By packed, I mean circle-the-parking-lot-6-times, can’t-find-a-locker, don’t-bother-with-a-fitness-class-it’s-a-can-of-sardines kind of packed.

After careful consideration, I determined that more than likely, the culprit is everyone’s New Years Resolutions.  They’re revolting and sending everyone to the gym that normally says “eh, I’ll go next week”.  My goal is to just hold out long enough for the tide to recede so I can get back to my normal routine.

Until then, it’s going to be a “get ready for the day after working out”, otherwise I’ll have to learn to pass through all the people I stumble around on the track (as the treadmills are ALL full), must lift random items that weight the same as my dumbbells, and do pullups from a free weight bar.

2 comments on “New Years Resolution Revolution!

  1. Till I started collecting workout toys at home like the subject of a Hoarder’s show, I HATED the packed gyms after 1 January EVERY year. It will thin out come February/March-ish, so hang in there and don’t give up. Hopefully mornings will be better for you.

    And HAY your page looks pretty! 🙂

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