Diet Direct Sale this Week!

This week is starting off great!  If you’ve ever considered trying Diet Direct for your alternative to IP, but are on the fence about it, they have a great sale going on with their pudding/shakes right now, only $10.49/box of 7.  The normal price is $11.99 , not exactly hugely expensive, but hey, $1.50/box is a savings of $4.50 for three boxes, which is enough for a week of WonderSlim.

So, if you’re wondering what flavors are out there, here’s a little table (with links) of the possibilities.

Also, Diet Direct has their Hot Drinks on sale this week!  For me this is super exciting because I love their hot chocolate. 20% off of their products gets most of them from about $11.99/box of 7 down to $9.50 or so.

Use Coupon Code HOTDRINK20 Sale Ends Sunday, January 20th

If you are wanting to try out DietDirect, you can use my referral link to get $10 registration bonus for you just for trying their products, which also have a money back guarantee.  I’ve never had to use the money back guarantee as there has yet to be something of theirs I didn’t like.