Precor Amt Cardio Workout



Alright, so I went to the gym on Monday and Wednesday so far this week, today I’m going as well.  Monday was all legs and a tiny bit of cardio.  Wednesday was more cardio, but not much time because I was running way late.  Tonight I think I’m going to see how hard I can push myself.

I’ll be starting on the Precor AMT again.  I made it 10 minutes on Wednesday before I felt like I was gonna die.  My goal tonight?  15 minutes.  Then I’ll do my leg and core exercises after that.  This puppy is a total monster though, tough to get the hang of, but once it’s there, wow it’s a lot of fun!  I can’t believe I said fun in the same sentence as workout equipment.  Yikes!  They also have something called a Cybex Arc trainer, which seems intriguing as well.  It sounds like it is built to burn lots of calories as well, but I need to focus on balance, not just cardio, but adding strength as well (as they say, muscle burns fat by just existing).

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