Is Safe Synonymous with Success?

Tonight was an easy dinner night, focusing on chicken with my trifecta of vegetables: Bell Pepper, Sweet Red Pepper, Yellow Onion.  Can you really go wrong when you combine this trio with pretty much any meat product?  Me thinks…not.

That got me thinking however, is “safe” synonymous with “success”?  Every time I’ve ever lost weight in the past.  I found that having “safe” places to eat, “safe” foods to eat, and “safe” people to be around make a world of difference.  So for me, I think that safe IS synonymous with successful, at least when it comes to weight loss.

Unfortunately, the world is not very “safe”.  It is full of temptation, from the candybars at the grocery store (while my basket is full of veggies), to the dessert menu at my “safe” restaurants (thank you for having low fat and substituting the bun with vegetables!), to the candy bowl at the bank.  These temptations are my downfall, all because I struggle daily with the concept of trusting my gut, and knowing the rules.

I practically panic when I go out of town, and then promptly throw in the towel and binge like no body’s business.  Why do I do this?  Honestly I have no idea, but if I did, I’d be a solid 2-3 steps closer to keeping my weight under control.

For now however, it’ll be my “safe” restaurants, “safe” go-to dinners, and a lot of praying in between.

2 comments on “Is Safe Synonymous with Success?

  1. Same here… had to grab a bite in between training consults this week, and AVOIDED Golden Corral like the plague, as I don’t trust myself to just “stick to the salad bar” there….. So ended up at Applebee’s (where I ended up overindulging anyway…. the portions are GINORMOUS!!!) >:-/

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