Menu for the Week … Maybe?

So, I’ve read countless places that if you build a weekly menu that you’re less likely to struggle with what you’re eating.  So, I did that…sort of?

This week I’m only focusing on dinners, Monday thru Friday, but I did it, I built my menu!  Here it goes

Monday (no gym): Chicken Stir Fry (chicken tenders, bell peppers, onions and broccoli)

Tuesday (gym night): Beef Stroganoff (no mushrooms, only using cream of onion soup, in the slow cooker)

Wednesday (gym night): Pork chops (relatively easy recipe, cook+prep time = 1hour)

Thursday (no gym): Beef Tenderloin (again, relatively easy, total time = 1 hour 15 minutes)

Friday: Chipotle Chicken (sounds like a mexican chicken dish, makes a HUGE amount of food, 8 chicken legs, 8 chicken thighs, insane!  Slowcooker meal)

My goal is to not have to worry about “hey, what’s for dinner?” this week, as it is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine, and can often lead to “let’s swing through McDonald’s”, not exactly a nutritious day to say the least.  As I make each item, I’ll get it posted to my page so ya’ll can see what the results are and what it took to make it (will post prices / recipe if I’m able).

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