The Scale Moved!

So, I haven’t been mentioning it, but for the last two weeks I’ve been jumping on the scale once every 4-5 days, just to see if I had experienced a loss at all.  Until this week I had not had any change, or it was going the wrong way!  Let’s talk about devastated shall we?  I felt like I was busting my butt trying to workout and eat healthier, skip the soda etc. etc. etc. and the scale was NOT agreeing with what I was doing?

This morning as I stepped on the scale, I was prepared for the “ugly number”…183.4…that seemed to be the trend starting after the holidays.  Nope, this morning I was 182.0!  Do not rain on my parade about how our bodies can fluctuate day to day, I know that, but today’s the first time since I started this new living style that it is cooperating!

The new living style I’m referring to is trying to eat smarter on a day to day basis, making smarter choices, and if I snack, snacking on Wonderslim Protein products.  No, I have no idea if today is just a fluke, I’ll have to keep working at this day in and day out to see if a trend will start.  My goal is pretty relaxed, I’d like to lose at least 3 pounds per month of fat.  Just 3.  Why 3?  That’ll be 9 pounds by the end of April, and another 3 by the end of May, so I’d be down to roughly 170 by June, with some muscle replacing some of that fat, and would be ready for a summer of motorcycle riding and looking AWESOME in general.  If by some miracle I am able to get to 5 pounds lost / month (which is entirely possible on many weight loss programs), that’d be 20 pounds between now and the end of May.

Why am I losing slowly this time instead of doing Ideal protein again?  I want to try to do this in a way that I don’t have to rebalance my how-to-eat strategy.  If I start my how-to-eat from the standpoint of eating normal food on a daily basis, then it’ll be less change for me.

I don’t have  a problem shelling out $10 for a box of 7 meal replacement bars, or hot chocolate, or pudding, or chocolate dream bars.  They taste great, and are so much lower in carbohydrates and higher in protein that I see them as an easy lifelong snack choice instead of my original snacks: ice cream, mini candybars, and cookies, like, a lot of cookies!

Will I ever be to the “snack on carrots+range/cucumbers/kiwi/fruit in general”?  That’d be ideal, but I don’t know that I’ll ever get there.  It still feels like a “chore” to eat healthy.  Dinner this week has been a huge success, sticking with my meal plan I set up on Sunday.  Three days down, two to go. Remaining meals: Braised Pork Chops and then Tenderloin with Creamy Garlic Sauce.  The weekend is completely unplanned, and I’m definitely OK with a few days of non-planning after a week of scheduled everything!

Tonight is a non-gym night, then it’ll be back to the gym Fri/Sat/Sun.  So I better live it up when I have an extra 2 hours available, because I’ll be praying to the God of the AMT for the next 3 days.

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