Ideal Protein Protocol Sheets

To all of my loyal subscribers and followers, I am letting you know that I was recently contacted by Ideal Protein and advised that they would like me to remove the protocol sheets from my blog.  I will abide by their request.  This is why the link is no longer available.  If you would like to learn more about Ideal Protein, you may visit their About Us page here.  They will probably send you the same PDF’s I was able to find if you request them.

5 comments on “Ideal Protein Protocol Sheets

  1. LoL thanks for the support Glenda 🙂 I hope I don’ lose too many followers now that I cannot post their PDF’s online. Unfortunately I am a novice when it comes to informational copyright stuff, and here I thought I was helping by providing resources to them, not only alternatives. *shrug* such is life.

  2. You just keep keeping on–thanks to YOU, I’m down 12 more pounds, and just 10 to go, and don’t have to eat like a Benedictine monk to get there. Diet Direct is the BEST thing ever, at a third of the price–durrrrr!!! I even tried to go back to my IP counsellor this week just to see what my inches lost were, and planned to buy, like, a salad dressing just to get in the door, but the “restart fee” was $100 !!!! =:-O So I said thanks but no thanks…. IP is SUCH a rip-off, all the way around….

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