I’m Puttin’ on the Big Girl Panties!

Alright, so that may not make any sense, but after a week of licking my digital wounds, I’ve decided to move on with my life, and just because I can no longer post the Ideal Protein sheets doesn’t mean I no longer have any valid knowledge on the subject.  I’ve lost weight using the alternative method, and you know what?  That’s alright!  I’m gymless tonight and tomorrow (choir rehearsal instead), but am looking forward to Wednesday when I can go work off some of this excess energy plaguing me.

I know that the scale hasn’t moved due to lack of motivation, HOWEVER I fully intend on taking measurements on the last day of the Month, so I can see how/if anything changes.  I’m really looking forward to another physical assessment  which I’ll get in June to determine if my heart and lungs have improved as well!

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