Yin Yoga and You

Keep Calm and Do Yoga


This weekend (Saturday, specifically) I had the opportunity to try a new form of yoga (new to me, not to the world).  This form is called Yin Yoga, and it’s interesting because it’s the opposite of Yang Yoga (yes, like Yin and Yang)


So, we focused on ligaments and joints, not on muscles, and each pose is held for 1-20 minutes, which to me is a really REALLY long time to hold a pose (in our class the average length was 3 minutes/pose).  It is a very quiet practice and can be kind of chilly, since the movements are slow and controlled.   Class lasted 75 minutes, roughly 70 of which were in various poses or moving from one pose to another.    We started with Child’s Pose


We then moved into a twist for each side, held for 3 minutes, with a child’s pose in between.  We moved through a swan pose and a handful of other seated poses, and I could feel my joints stretching each time.  Getting back to work, I decided to see if there was a way I could incorporate a bit of yoga in my daily life, and sure enough, I discovered Desk Yoga.

Mountain Pose Sit erect, clasp your hands, and extend your arms forward. Turn the palms away from you and raise your arms until the palms face the ceiling. Stretch and feel yourself growing taller as you reduce the stress in your head, neck, and shoulders. This posture lengthens your sides. If you want, add to this posture by bending your arms to each side.


Thread the needle Sit in your chair and cross your right leg over your left knee. Flex both feet and lift them off the floor. “Thread the needle” by clasping your hands around your left leg, just under your knee. This posture stretches hip rotators, outer thighs, and relieves tension in the lower back. Be sure to reverse sides.


Check out the link above for more Desk Yoga moves!



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