Gluten Free – Day 2

Well, I made it through yesterday, gluten free! My day consisted of Chex (Apple Cinnamon), milk, broasted potatoes, baked chicken, broccoli sunshine salad, steak, an apple, banana, a kiwi and some string cheese. According to Myfitnesspal I went totally over my calories for the day, which makes me sad, but since it’s kind of “iffy” when it comes to eating at my local deli counter (lunch) I’m not arguing it, although 660 calories for 2 chicken thighs seems just a little high, and 400 calories for a cup of broccoli with raisins and some sauce seems high, but whatever. It was gluten free, so nya nya nya!

Today is more chex, although I was totally going to have eggs for breakfast, until I woke up late that is, brought a kiwi and banana to work as well as string cheese to snack on. Lunch will be Qdoba, probably a naked queso burrito, gotta keep that gluten free. Dinner tonight will be porkchops and green beans, with an apple and peanut butter for dessert. No idea what my calories will be at for today, but honestly right now I’m not so worried about that, so long as I’m not obsessing about the bread I really would like to eat!

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