A Good Day!

Yesterday was the definition of a good day!  I woke up, granted I felt exhausted from my great weekend, but still, I woke up and it felt like the day was mine entirely.  I stayed on track for calories, didn’t let myself sneak any snacks, and broke a tremendous sweat on the stair master after 25 minutes of soul crushing climbing.

I finished the night off with *gasp* Taco John’s, but opted for a lighter version of the epic Grilled Burrito (I got some knock off one that was 550 calories).  I shared my potato ole’s with the dogs, tossed out over half the cheese cup, and mentally patted myself on the back for my success.  Today has been just about as good, if not for the tons of sodium I had during lunch, but hey, that’s lunch, this is life, and I’m moving on!

No gym tonight, but I’m hoping to try out one of those “at home DVD’s” … although the list of available workouts is kind of staggering!  Anyone have any good ideas for the at home workouts?  Anyone?  Buhler?…

Anyways, I’ll be looking at the 30 day shred hopefully tomorrow AM, we’ll see, 6:00 seems to creep up way to quickly for my taste, but it’s either that or the definition of hell after work: car wash, grocery store, home , gym, home, dinner, bed.  I hate nights like that!

Well, I am off to to practice my cardiovascular and pulmonary exercises (aka singing) tonight, so this fat lady is singing “I’m out!”


Today, I will persevere, regardless of the odds.  Last night, I stuck to my rules and this morning, the scale agreed with my choices.  Down 0.2 LBS.  Now, I know it doesn’t really count because I weigh in on Thursdays, but I still it as acknowledgement and a reminder that I am making healthy choices and moving in the proper direction.

Healthier Me? Maybe…

189.4 … It might not seem like a big change.  Hell, it’s 3 pounds more than I was in  January.  BUT  It’s also 2 pounds less than I was a week ago.

What did I do differently this week?  I got out of my funk.  I kicked it to the curb, and even though it’s stalking me with a hungry bear, I am resolutely staring straight ahead and not making eye contact.

I am trying to only eat one large meal each day, two small snacks (100 calories) and one regulated meal (balanced and relatively low calorie).  I’m hoping that this is able to help me lose more weight, as the calorie intake at this point has been a comfortable 1500 or so each day.

So, next week I have a goal.  Not a particular weight, but to maintain this system I’ve been starting.  I want to do this for one month and see where I am.  Shake for breakfast, normal lunch, normalish (Weight Watchers or other low calorie recipe) for dinner, and a 100 calorie snack between dinner and bed (around 8:30PM).  If I splurge and get Burger King for breakfast, that means I’ll just have a shake for lunch instead, and will drink it whenever I feel like.

Hidden Calories: Sugar Free Creamer

So, one thing that I had not changed since starting working out, was my love of coffee…in the morning, afternoon, whatever.  Something I had not actually really counted towards my daily calorie intake, was my Sugar Free Hazelnut Creamer.  What I hadn’t counted on, was the 30 calories per Tablespoon.  That’s 3 tablespoons per day, so 90 calories each and every day, that I was drinking.  So, I switched from coffee with creamer, to either green tea or coffee with one packet of Splenda sweetener, saving myself the 30 calories x 3 times/day.

A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that research subjects who drank green tea as part of a controlled diet saw an increase in metabolic rate. The authors concluded that 3 or 4 cups of green tea could increase metabolic rate by 4% over 24-hours. That translates into burning an extra 50 to 100 calories a day. There is still need for more human studies to understand how green tea works, but drinking green tea certainly can’t hurt. Read about the health benefits of green tea from the Guide to Japanese Travel at About.com.

So, in theory at least, me moving from drinking coffee + creamer 3x per day to drinking green tea 3x per day gets me between 140 and 190 calories PER DAY that I am no longer eating and/or am now burning…before dieting, or even exercising!  Well isn’t this just embarrassing!