I’ve Ridden 21 miles on a freaking Bicycle? WTF?!?


So, on Monday we did it, took the plunge.  Now, we’ve ridden to work not once, but twice!  Each way to and from work is 7.2 miles on our local bike trails (which are over 20 miles in total length).  I thought at first there was no way I could do it, and had a terribly negative attitude about the whole thing.  I’ve changed my attitude accordingly however, and even though it’s kicking my butt, it’s definitely well worth the effort.  The exhaustion that comes at night is well worth the energy I’m now finding during the day.  Monday was 6 miles, Tuesday was 14.3 , today another 7.2 so far and my day’s only half done, and tomorrow is National Ride Your Bike To Work Day.   So that is telling me that there will be riding, even if it is a bit wet (we have a chance of thunderstorms).

The caloric burn each way to and from work is between 300 and 360 calories, so that’s 600 calories PER DAY that I am burning, just by commuting to work on my bicycle, ignoring the fact that I am actually working out and *gasp* enjoying it!  My husband is not challenged by our 13 mph speeds, so he’ll be continuing the stairmaster after our commute, while I’ll be heading home to start dinner.  I plan on adding some gym time after getting into good enough shape to feel like the ride is not challenging me too much (I’m thinking maybe a month of riding to and from work should get me into decent shape).

Next adventure if this takes off?  Longer rides, more adventure, photos of the trails…who knows, maybe I’ll finally successfully lose a pound this way!

What am I riding you ask?  I am riding a Raleigh Misceo 2.0 Urban/Trail bike

This badboy ran me $550.00 (with a $50 rebate) and makes me feel like I can conquer anything.  It is absolutely breathtakingly unbelievable (is that enough adjectives yet?).  It’s a push to get up hills, but once I’m there, there’s no stopping me, and I have to admit, the rider might be slightly at fault for some of the lack of power (OK, I admit it, I’m a wimp!).

Here’s to biking to work, for my fitness and my wallet, and National Ride Your Bike To Work day tomorrow, May 17, 2013.

**Update** 6:22 PM (2 hours later)

It is raining outside, like, raining cats and dogs raining, and of course, in my brilliance of riding TO work, I neglected to have the foresight to think about what it might be doing when it was time to return home.  What started as an “Oh crap it’s sprinking!” Rapidly turned into “I’m singin’ in the rain, just singin’ in the rain! With my clothes dipping raindrops I’m happy again!”  Muddy,  soaked, exhausted and happier than I can remember after any commute coming home, I am now waiting anxiously  for my hot ham sandwich to finish cooking.  Crushing 750 calories today by riding bicycle definitely is being felt in my stomach tonight!

Tomorrow we have a chance of more rain, but I plan on riding to work (nice weather) at least, the crap isn’t supposed to come until later tomorrow night.

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