Sometimes You Just Have To Take The Long Way…


This morning was a “long way” kind of a morning.   The fog was so thick I could not see across the river, I had to remove my sunglasses because water was beading up on them so heavily, and I watched while drops of moisture dropped down my helmet.  I rode with my husband and one of our coworkers, meeting up just outside of our neighborhood on the Sioux Falls area Bike Trail at 8:10AM and rode 16 1/2 miles around the Northern trek of the trails.  At times, my cadence was perfectly timed with my heart rate and respiratory rate, peddle peddle peddle-breathe….peddle peddle peddle-breathe… with the mist sinking into my skin, keeping me cool even as my muscles warmed up. I rode up a hill steep enough to give me time to reconsider taking it at least twice, through a group of geese socializing on the middle of the trail, and into the parking lot at work by 9:25AM.  My helmet was soaked, as were my gloves and hoodie, but it was an exhilarating ride.

Every time I ride my bicycle, I am amazed at how far I can go.  Now, no matter how tired I am or how long of a day I’ve had, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can ride either way home successfully, or either way to work and know I will make it there, eventually.

Today I will ride at least 20 miles total, as the shortest route home is still 7.3 miles, and burn at a minimum 700 calories.  My heart may not agree with the decisions I make while I’m climbing the numerous hills on my way to or from work, but it beats with elation when I manage to make it to my destination.

Sometimes, it pays to take the long way.


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