Mysterious Clicking Equals Irate Husband!

Yesterday was a 31.7 mile ride ultimately, spaced out between a 9 hour work day.  Unfortunately, the day started with a definite clickety-clickety-clickety-click each time my husband and I pressed down on our pedals.  His was much more pronounced, more of a clickety-click-click every press, while mine was a more sedate click—click—click.

After an hour of riding, my poor husband was just about ready to pull out his hair, or ride out into traffic.  I, on the other hand, barely noticed my clicking and just pretty much ignored it, as I tend to do throughout my life.

So, today we left work early to make it up to Harlan’s Bike & Tour, the shop where we bought our Raleigh Misceo 2.0’s, and the place we figured would know how to get us fixed up.

Fast forward an hour of waiting in the shop (Which I was grateful for, after a 75 foot elevation change in less than a mile in 90 degree heat), chain lubed, tightened, rear bracket checked, you name it.  Then, the Magician Mechanic (he called himself a Master Mechanic, I think Magician was more suited) found the problem…

Yes, that’s right.  It’s the pedal.  Or more specifically, the little reflective panels on the front and back of the panel, which were vibrating against the pedal itself.  So, the magician mechanic (as he will forever be known to me) took his trusty screwdriver, popped off the pieces and the clicking is gone!  The silence of the ride is now only broken by the methodic swish-swish-swish of the tires cruising along the pavement, the occasional clicken-clicken-clicken-clicken as the pedals are pedaled backwards, and the kuh-thunk of the gears shifting.

Of course, my reflectors are now gone, so I feel like a total badass as I ride down the street sans reflective plastic chunks.  But hey, sometimes you just have to learn to live on the edge.


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