I Did It!

So it’s official, I rode our entire bike trail yesterday, and a little doubling back, for a total of 26.6 miles, with an average speed of around 12 mph the first half when I rode with friends, and a solid 14.4 MPH on my way home on my own.

That’s right folks, just because I was alone didn’t mean I slacked off, and I have the charts to prove it!  Don’t believe me?  Check out my Strava Profile!

Today was a comfortable 7 mile each way commute to work, bouncing between 14.8 and 15.1 mph round trip, of course with a 9 hour workday in the middle!  My goal this week is to ride a full 7 days, at least a little bit every single day.  Even if I do plan to go somewhere else after work, I will at least be riding to and from work, then grabbing the car at home and leaving to visit folks or do whatever.  Hopefully that’ll be at least 14 miles a day, up to 28 miles per day if I take the long way to/home work.  Who knows, maybe I can get 100 miles in 7 days 🙂

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