Where is she now?

Well, it’s been nearly 6 (yes 6!) months since my last post, which is a little “OMG” ish right?  What’s happened in that amount of time?  I got back onto working on my weight loss, sans major exercise for now, but will be adding it within the next 2 months, and am on the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  They have this slick “Simple Start” system now where you don’t even count points, you just eat a very specific group of foods.

Weight Watchers logo

Does this mean that I’m not ordering from DietDirect again any time soon?  Absolutely not!  I love their products and they’ve NEVER screwed up an order for me, so I’ll keep ordering their products as as a great way for me to have my cake and eat it too!  I especially love the Crispy Fudge & Graham Meal Replacement bars, which net only 4 Points Plus on the Weight Watchers plan, so I can totally handle that (as opposed to the 8-15 Points Plus for a standard candybar).

My blog will still have the  Ideal Protein and alternative content on it, honestly that information was a pain in the butt to track down, so I’m not wiping it off the face of the earth just because I want to add new content to my blog.  So that’ll stay in place, although it won’t be updated really.

I re-joined Weight Watchers on January 4th, 2013 weighing in at 201.4 pounds (omg over 200!), over the next 5 weeks I have lost NEARLY 10 pounds, I’m at 192.6 right now, and am confident I’ll hit that 191.4 this upcoming Saturday when I weigh in.  The loss is slower than when I was on Ideal Protein, but I do find that I’m angry much less of the time 😉  I’m working with the Monthly Pass system, so it’s $42/month, but that gets me as many meetings as I’d like in the span of any given week, as well as the online E-tools.  What’s better, I don’t “have” to buy special food, I just have to eat smaller portions of food that’s not a fruit or vegetable (Weight Watchers points plus doesn’t count points for most fruits or vegetables, with a few exceptions).

So, that’s where I am now, the next step is starting to update my blog more regularly again, let’s see how that goes 😉

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