The New Me 2014

It’s a new year and a new set of goals for me.  Although I’d love this blog to only be about my successes, that’s not fair to anyone out there who struggles, so it’ll include my failures as well.  Last year I got into bicycling, and that was awesome, but my eating never hit the same level of intensity.  This year I’m focusing more on eating than on the exercise portion, at least until it’s warm enough to start biking to work again.  My goal this year?  To weigh less at the end of this year than I did at the end of last year.

OK that’s not true, I’d love to get down to my goal weight (150 lbs), but I am starting to look at the mirror a bit differently, and while my 192.6 self isn’t “All it could be”, I’m starting to realize that I need to love my body for what it does have.  Strong hands, no jelly jar has ever defeated me.  

Strong legs, I can make it through any mall in record time.  

Strong and steady heart, able to love and be loved in return.  

Strong mind, my best asset in my opinion, able to learn, loving challenge, and finding joy in the unexpected.  Ready smile, tips up at a moment’s notice and often times has a laugh just behind it.  These are things I am striving to remember.

So this year, I’d say it’s more about the inner me, than the outer me.  Sure I want my body to reflect the self-love that I’m learning and positive thoughts (and who doesn’t want to look fabulous in a bikini?), but I’m starting to learn that life is more than the number on the scale.

That’s it for now, peace out!

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