Hot Chocolate – Cinnamon

$11.95 / box at DietDirect


I had the opportunity this week (February 2, 2013) to try out the Bariwise Cinnamon flavored Hot chocolate.  Now, a few things to point out:

  • Do not, for the love of all that is holy, try to simply mix this with a spoon in hot water.  It will have lumps, and while they don’t taste terrible, it’s just one of those things you really should avoid (kind of like looking inside of a burrito from Taco Bell, just trust me, and don’t do it).
  • Add a dollop (haha, fun word, dollup) of milk after mixing the water in, it adds a great creamy consistency and polishes off the drink.

My first impression was that of cinnamon syrup-type flavor on top of hot chocolate.  The flavor is not overwhelming, but not so amazing that I have to worry about binging on it.  I’ll definitely be purchasing this again.


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