Alright so here it goes about one of my favorite Alternative Products (OK I’ll admit it, I’ve only tried 4, and loved them all for the most part). Wonderslim is available for purchase online from www.dietdirect.com. They actually have their own diet plan, which isn’t too far off from Atkins really, except it’s using their products instead and is significantly higher in carb intake throughout the day. I’ve tried a few of their products thus far and have been “mostly” impressed by all of them. Below will be my actual “take” on the situation and what it was that I went with for my choices.
WonderSlim Aspartame Free Pudding-Shakes (7 Servings/Box) – average cost is $11.49 for a box of 7, and these puddings are legitimately good. You can mix them with 4oz water and refrigerate for a half hour and get putting, or mix them with 6-8 ounces of water to end up with a shake, simple as that. I will admit I have mixed one with my coffee in the morning and made it as hot cocoa as an experiment, and I am thrilled to say that successful is an understatement (although use caution, mix it with minimal cool water and then add the hot water, otherwise it is like a science experiment gone horribly wrong. The basics: 7g Carbohydrates, 15g Protein per packet. Using the Aspartame free is essential when “mocking up” with the Ideal Protein diet, as the diet doesn’t allow Aspartame as a sweetener.
WonderSlim Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars (7 Servings/Box) – Average Cost $12.49 for a box of 7, and these bars are really hit or miss. Crispy Cinnamon I could eat until my teeth fell out, it’s like eating a cinnamon toast crunch breakfast bar, no joke. Mint cocoa tasted like a diet bar, and Crispy Fudge & Graham was tolerable but not awesome. The basics: 18g Carbohydrates, 15g Protein per bar. These would fall under “Restricted” as in no more than one per day due to the high carb amount. They do have an average of 5g Fiber however which brings their net carbs down to 13g, still high but more manageable.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Hot Drinks (7 Servings/Box) – Average Cost $11.49 for a box of 7. Hot chocolate specifically tastes awesome. They now make a Cappuccino, Raspberry Hot Chocolate and Mint Hot Chocolate that I intend on purchasing to replace my Swiss Miss come winter. The Basics: 6g Carbohydrates, 12g protein, 1g fiber.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Soups (7 Servings/Box) – Average Cost $11.49 for a box of 7. The only flavor I’ve tried so far is the Chicken & Vegetable Cream, and I will say that it is pretty darn good. When heated it works great either as a soup OR a topping for vegetables if you have a hard time with veggies or are getting bored.
WonderSlim Protein Diet Vegetable Cheese Omelet (7 Servings/Box) – Average Cost $11.49 for a box of 7. For all that is holy, avoid these like the plague. I am tolerant of MANY types of food, I could not finish one of these, and my dogs wouldn’t even eat the leftovers. Carbs=6g, protein=12g, fiber=1g

Replace the Ideal Protein shakes with WonderSlim to save about $30/week (ok maybe closer to $45), and that’s how I got started losing the weight initially.

10 comments on “Wonderslim

  1. why did you discontinue the wonderslim or incorporate the gnc? Could I simply use just the wonderslim in place of all of the products for IDeal protein? What would you recommend and why

    • I am still using Wonderslim, I incorporated the GNC AMP Wheybolic 60 because it was inexpensive (got 2 jugs of it for slightly over $100 and that lasts me nearly 2 months) and I don’t mind the taste. I have heard great success stories of others using Wonderslim instead of IP , or going through Nasshua (spelling?) Nutrition for alternative products, including Bariwise and Proti-Diet.

      I recommend what you find tastes good to YOU, because it helps prevent you from hating the diet. Once you start to hate a diet, you become your own worst enemy and are on a slippery slope to justification and ultimately failure. I prefer to use a combination to keep things unique. I like some of each product, but like that I can run to my local GNC if I’m suddenly out of product and pick up a 10 day supply for about $30.

  2. You are a gift, thats for sure! In order to stay in ketosis do you need to stay with the aspertine free. The sugar throws me off??
    It sounds like a variety of products from Wonderslim, Proti and Bariwise can work well? Most of the foods in ideal protein turned me off so that I only did bars and shakes. Is there any meals or other products that you strongly recommend. Also could that chocolate dream work as a meal replacement :)?

  3. Thank You Thank You Thank You for this wonderful information about cheaper (and tastier) alternatives to IP that won’t cause me to have to sell my HOUSE to stay on the diet!!!!! <:-D I lost 9 pounds on IP my first three weeks, yay, but that comes out to just a little over $60 per pound *ahem* buying their exorbitantly-priced boxed "food"… Half of it tasted AWFUL, anyway…. I found their the chicken-pot-pie conglomeration disgusting; the "oatmeal" was something I would prefer to caulk my bathtub with, and the spaghetti and chili options were way oversalted.

    I spent only about $100 for some NEW WonderSlim and ProtiDiet options from Diet Direct and found comparable and waaaay-better tasting items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner options (and you can totally check the ingredients with each product, plus read tons of reviews from people who have purchased the products). I'm remotivated and ENJOYING the diet now–thanks again!!! 🙂

    • I am sooooo happy to hear you are finding some tasty things with Wonderslim! I have a serious weakness for their Crispy Cinnamon meal replacement bars, they are epic and amazing 🙂 best of luck with your continued journey 🙂

    • Te Apple Cinnamon oatmeal is decent, but I add a bit of milk for creaminess and some extra cinnamon or a pinch of Splenda. The oatmeal actually bakes into cookies pretty well too :D. You get 5-6 bite size cookies out of it.

      • Yeah, I get the maple oatmeal I think it is–also add cinnamon and a splash of milk and *shhhh* don’t tell the protein gods–some Molly McButter which makes it yummy!

        I’m totally enjoying scouring all your pages–your writing is hilarious! 😀 Plus it motivates me to know I’m not the only one struggling with or dreaming of “normal food”–wine, cheese, bread, etc etc etc…. I miss my alkyhaul….. <:-(

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