Beauty from Within: Clare Stem at TEDxJohnstown

Alright, this was epic.  Thanks to the FitMamaTraining Facebook page for the random post that lead to this Tedx video.


Ridin’ to the Diner


So, this is me, in all my glory, no makeup. My husband and I were bored at home so we jumped on the bicycles and rode 3 miles to come get some shakes at a downtown diner.

I’m not perfect, slender or high maintenance, but I’m learning to love myself.  I sunburn within seconds it seems, my thighs jiggle when I don’t want them to, and I have circus feet and hands (freakishly small).  I look like a dork when I am riding my bicycle but feel like a queen.  I’m learning to ride the bicycle instead of my motorcycle, especially when I want to just jump in the car and go for a quick trip to the store.  I smile really big, and cry more easily than I should, but that’s OK.  I laugh when I’m upset or angry because I don’t like to show frustration or anger to people.

This is me, and that’s OK.

Drumroll please

Loss of 0.4 lbs

Notes: I need to get away from such amounts of sodium. I am 99% sure I lost a bit more weight but am retaining water.

Pants that have been tight in the gut are feeling looser for sure.

Every Mile Counts

5,280 feet… that’s how many feet are in a mile.  5 minutes.  That’s how long it takes to ride a single mile if I am riding 12 MPH.  35 calories.  That’s how many calories I successfully burned in those 5 minutes.  Every mile counts, that’s what I’m getting at I think. 

We had to take the car in this morning so we had some “pre trip maintenance” done, oil change, tire rotation, you know, the norm.  The bright side was we were able to pack the bikes into the back of the car (it’s a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium and the seats fold down) and then we could just ride to work from the car dealership.  Pretty sweet if you ask me!  So, despite the practicality issues, I was able to ride my bicycle yet again, getting closer to my 7 day goal (Saturday will be 7 days straight).  My official weigh in for the week is tomorrow. 

Last Thursday’s weight: 191.2…really hoping tomorrow is a “good” day!