Drumroll please

Loss of 0.4 lbs

Notes: I need to get away from such amounts of sodium. I am 99% sure I lost a bit more weight but am retaining water.

Pants that have been tight in the gut are feeling looser for sure.

Healthier Me? Maybe…

189.4 … It might not seem like a big change.  Hell, it’s 3 pounds more than I was in  January.  BUT  It’s also 2 pounds less than I was a week ago.

What did I do differently this week?  I got out of my funk.  I kicked it to the curb, and even though it’s stalking me with a hungry bear, I am resolutely staring straight ahead and not making eye contact.

I am trying to only eat one large meal each day, two small snacks (100 calories) and one regulated meal (balanced and relatively low calorie).  I’m hoping that this is able to help me lose more weight, as the calorie intake at this point has been a comfortable 1500 or so each day.

So, next week I have a goal.  Not a particular weight, but to maintain this system I’ve been starting.  I want to do this for one month and see where I am.  Shake for breakfast, normal lunch, normalish (Weight Watchers or other low calorie recipe) for dinner, and a 100 calorie snack between dinner and bed (around 8:30PM).  If I splurge and get Burger King for breakfast, that means I’ll just have a shake for lunch instead, and will drink it whenever I feel like.