Ideal Protein Protocol Sheets

To all of my loyal subscribers and followers, I am letting you know that I was recently contacted by Ideal Protein and advised that they would like me to remove the protocol sheets from my blog.  I will abide by their request.  This is why the link is no longer available.  If you would like to learn more about Ideal Protein, you may visit their About Us page here.  They will probably send you the same PDF’s I was able to find if you request them.

5 Days and losing hair but gaining acne

I made it five days without blogging…mostly because my arm has been killing me, stupid motorcycle riding and tennis elbow.  I checked the scale this morning, and am proud to say that I am maintaining my weight loss at 161.6, still .6 pounds lighter than coming back from Sturgis.

On the downside, the hairloss started last week, or the week before.  I forget which, but life  seemed to get a little suckery right when I left the diet.  Also, three days ago my face started breaking out hardcore.  So at this point I feel like an old lady with hair falling out mixed with a 15 year old boy breaking out in pimples with greasy hair.

Knowing the downside of coming off the diet, I’m now going to be more prepared when I go back on to lose the rest of my weight.  The bright side of this is that I am now being compulsive about washing my face, almost fanatical in my cleaning.  Also, I’m washing my hair daily, much to the dismay over my well-paid hair stylist.

Right now, I feel good, that I’m seeing my weight loss on a daily basis more now than ever, not in that “i’m thinner today than yesterday”, but rather in “I really dont’ look like a heifer anymore” and every day I am closer to believing it.

Atkins and Ideal Protein – What’s the difference?

Alright, so today I’m looking at the difference between Atkins and Ideal Protein.  Why is this you may ask?  Well, it’s because I’m using a hybrid between the two, to prevent some of the less comfortable side effects of Ideal Protein.

Let’s start with the similarities…Atkins has an A,T,I,N , so does Ideal Protein…no that’s not where the similarities stop, but wouldn’t it be funny if it was?  Both diets are considered ketogenic diets, as in, Ketosis, that fun little 7 letter word which means your body learns to burn its own fat stores rather than rely on carbohydrates.  Secondly, both diets severely restrict carbohydrate intake to force the body into the state of Ketosis; Atkins around 20g of carbs-40g of carbs per day, and Ideal Protein in the same “general” ball park.  OK so they’re similar in that.  Neither allow fruits or various dairy products (Ideal Protein moreso on restricting dairy to 1 oz skim milk/day).  Oh, AND think about how much protein is consumed; on Ideal Protein, it’s packets, shakes or bars, and roughly 60g+ per day, Atkins is using either shakes or bars, although the recommended amount can vary.  Finally, both diets accept that you are taking in less nutrients than what your body needs, so you need vitamins to balance out the deficit.  Oh, and let’s not forget that both are considered EXTREMELY controversial in some circles.

“Gail Frank, PhD, former spokeswoman for the organization and professor of nutrition at California State University in Long Beach, says, “The body needs a minimum of carbohydrates for efficient and healthy functioning — about 150 grams daily.” Below that, normal metabolic activity is disrupted.”

From – “The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that you get about 50 to 55 percent of your daily calories from carbohydrates. Of the remainder, you should get about 25 to 30 percent from fat and 15 to 20 percent from protein. If you consume 2,200 calories per day, that means you’ll need to get between 1,100 and 1,210 calories each day — or 275 to 302 g per day — from carbohydrates.”

Unfortunately, that is where these diets’ similarities end.  Atkins allows for fatty foods, such as butter, cheese, mayo etc. while Ideal Protein promotes virtually not fat to go along with that side of no carb.  Atkins doesn’t promote vegetable intake like Ideal Protein does.

So what am I doing?  I’m taking a bit from both book.  I’m eating more fat than Ideal Protein recommends.  If I have a bit of cheese I’m not going to walk the plank.  I don’t measure my olive oil when I’m cooking, I’ll even cook with butter (how about them apples?!?) or melt it over my veggies.  I DO eat the 4 cups of veggies/day recommended by Ideal Protein, and have my salt intake every day to ensure good blood pressure is maintained.  Why am I doing this?  Because I feel each diet has some specific qualities that I like, such as both are very straight forward, and have little room for “error” or “fudging” the facts.  Also, they only differ in my diet with the fat intake.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat cheese unless it’s on a burger (which is wrapped in lettuce) or is melted on my broccoli, I don’t drink milk at all (I use a ready to drink shake in my morning coffee for extra protein), I eat no fruits whatsoever (wait, that’s hardly a change from the last 10 years of my life!), and now I can’t help but count calories or carbs and compare with protein with all my possible foodlings that I’ll consume.

Viva La Revolution!!

So it’s Wednesday, what a fun day for hump day, eh?  I sit here, sipping my protein shake, jamming out to Pink’s “Don’t Let me Get Me” and can’t help but think, today is going to be a good day.  Why is my mindset so optimistic you may ask?  I woke up thinner today, down to 175.0!!! This means that my experiment from the last two days so far has been a success!  I am continuing the trend today, shake, solid (snack), shake/veggie, solid(dinner)/veggie).  So far down 1 pound since Monday’s weigh in, lost 0.4 on Tuesday and another 0.6 today, just really need to keep this trend up this week so I can make it below 174.8 (which is my coveted 20 pound mark).

After my fantastic weigh in, I jumped on Facebook (because let’s face it, that’s something most people probably do the first 10 minutes they are awake for the day right?)  … Oh wait, let’s backtrack to yesterday’s debacle.

So I’m of Facebook, and up until yesterday was a member of an Ideal Protein “Group” (which will remain anonymous due to this not being the majority’s fault, who are innocent of any wrong doing), and I was posting up on a thread about something, I forget what exactly, but someone made the comment about asking me what I did for taking in extra fat.  I responded honestly that I had more fat intake, and when someone else asked about why, I informed them I was on “Alternative” program and that I was aware of the slower loss, but was OK with it because it made me have no stomach problems (because I hate gross things like constipation, cramping, diarrhea etc.)…apparently one of the site admins caught wind of this and started grilling me on whether or not  I was being “safe” about my loss and making sure I got my supplements in etc. and I responded with “I carefully researched this and made sure I’m getting the vitamins etc. I need”, this ended up being an hour long debate on a Facebook thread, yes really, and I hate troll-ey-type threads like that.  I defended with the information I had on the supplements, they asked how I knew I was meeting those, and I gave them the #’s from my vitamins and my GNC shake mix I have twice a day, which was equivalent to the Ideal Protein supplements, at which point I was asked to leave the group because I am not ON Ideal Protein.  They also informed me that IP was cheaper than normal eating out, I asked if it was cheaper than $80/month (shakes), $20/month (supplements), $24/month (snacks/treats x 14 servings to have when I’m not having a shake) for a total of $125/month roughly of expenses…which is basically the cost of one week on Ideal Protein.  They tried convincing me about how Ideal Protein is cheaper than normal eating out, which I’m sure it is, but the fact of the matter was that it wasn’t cheaper than what “I” had been doing, it was 3-4x more expensive per month, and honestly I’m saving money up for trips and cruises and motorcycle rallies oh my! So I do’nt want to shuck away all my money on PACKETS OF FOOD! I mean, it’s like eating powdered eggs, which I have no problem with (Hey, I went to public school) but I’m NOT going to pay $4 PER SERVING for a PACKET.  I will gladly pay $0.80-$0.95 / shake that I have however and then supplement my meats with higher quality meat and veggies (I also eat frozen veggies, such a rebel!)

Anyways, after I leave the group, I get a message this morning from someone else on the group, quietly asking where I got my supplements, what they were, what they cost, and what I did for my meals and snacks.  I felt like a total victor, because I think Ideal Protein WORKS absolutely, but I don’t think people should have to have that kind of money just to be able to get healthy.  Anyways, t his spurred me putting out the supplements I take completely listed by ingredient and cost, so I’m going to go ahead and get that put up on my page as a comparison with Ideal Protein’s supplements and see where we come out.  Oh, and I was informed that the Ideal Protein scientists are geniuses about finding how to get the proper absorption rate etc. for whatever given supplement.  Want to know something interesting?

FDA does not approve dietary supplements.

Unlike new drugs, dietary supplements are not reviewed and approved by FDA based on their safety and effectiveness. Most dietary supplements that contain a new dietary ingredient (a dietary ingredient not marketed in the United States before October 15, 1994) require a notification to FDA 75 days before marketing.

The notification must include the information that was the manufacturer or distributor’s basis for concluding that the dietary supplement will reasonably be expected to be safe. After dietary supplements are on the market, FDA evaluates their safety through research and adverse event monitoring.

So, no matter how awesome their scientists are, their supplements won’t be FDA approved.  On that note, neither will any of the OTHER vitamins / supplements I take, but eh that’s different, right? Haha! Oh well, off to get those supplements posted.

*Update* The supplements information is now available on its own page under the “Ideal Protein Resources / PDF’s” tab.

Ideal Protein Phases 1-4 (Standard)

Due to threatened legal action, I had to pull down the PDFs of the Ideal Protein Phases.  Basically, the breakdown of the phases is this:


1 – Until 90%-100% of weightloss is achieved)  Breakfast: Packet + vitamins  |  Lunch: Packet  + 2 cups veggies  |  Snack:  Packet    |  Dinner:  5 oz Lean Meat unless fish, then 7 oz + 2 cups veggies + Vitamins

Note: Drink water all day, use salt to balance any headaches you’re experiencing, no dairy or fruit allowed except 1 ounce of skim milk if you have coffee/tea with breakfast

2 – Continue for 2 weeks) Breakfast: Packet + vitamins | Lunch: 5 oz Lean Meat unless fish, then 7 oz +2 cups  veggies | Snack: Packet  |  Dinner: 5 oz Lean Meat unless fish, then 7 oz + 2 cups veggies + vitamins

Note: Drink water all day, use salt to balance any headaches you’re experiencing, no dairy or fruit allowed except 1 ounce of skim milk if you have coffee/tea with breakfast

3 – Continue for 2 weeks) Breakfast: Complex Carbs from 2 sources, fruits and grains, one serving of protein one serving of fat/dairy (no more than 30g carbs from Grains, 20g carbs from Fruit, at least 25g protein-not protein powder but actual eggs etc., no more than 120 calories from dairy, or roughly 8 oz low fat plain yogurt, no more than 15g total fat PER DAY combined items   +  vitamins  |  Lunch:  5 oz lean meat unless fish, then 7 oz + 2 cups veggies  |  Snack:  Packet  |  Dinner: 5 oz lean meat unless fish, then 7 oz   +  2 cups veggies +  vitamins

Note:  This phase is all about restarting the pancreas.

4 – Maintenance)