Alright, so this page is all about pot-ass-ium, or specifically, the Ideal Protein supplement known as NATURA POTASSIUM CALCIUM: 800 MG Potassium (as Potassium Bicarbonate), and 200 MG of Calcium (as calcium carbonate).  I will now begin my nerd-dom (puts on nerdy glasses). Let’s start by seeing how Potassium Bicarbonate is created: PotBiVs6 … Alright then, moving on.


Potassium Bicarbonate is used in food as a generally recognized as safe ingredient.  It is also used to inhibit corrosion and (as you may have ascertained) a convenient source of potassium.  Some of the more interesting uses include: Fire Extinguisher ingredient (Used as dry powder in fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing for class b flammable liquids and gases, and class c electrical fires), correcting soil pH and reducing the acidity of the soil, used as fertilizer for crops (increases protein and starch yield in potatoes, reduces leaf size and improves color and burn properties of tobacco, speeds the drying process of alfalfa as a cut crop), is used as an antacid, electrolyte replenisher, foaming and fizzing agent in instant beverages, color preservative in foods, processing aid in extruded foods, oh and a leavening agent, pH control agent and nutrient supplement (such as infant formula).  It’s also used in aqueous resin-based coatings and adhesives, a high temp polymer blowing agent, and an accelerator in fast setting cements.

Now here is what Ideal Protein has to say about it:

Potassium is an extremely important element or electrolyte in human physiology. It is involved with maintaining proper fluid and mineral balance, cardiac function and nerve transmission. Our bodies exquisitely regulate the amount of potassium in our blood stream and when these controls become compromised (as in disease states like renal failure) the patient generally requires constant medical supervision. A healthy adult usually loses about 2,000mgs of potassium per day (via urine, perspiration and feces) and generally accepted guidelines recommend replacing that amount daily through our foods. These folks could easily take in twice that amount
with no ill effects and athletes or people involved in strenuous activity will normally supplement to avoid becoming hypokalemic due to increase potassium loss through excessive perspiration.

Again, the Ideal Protein Weight-loss Method focuses on the minimum daily requirements and,because we are not consuming some food groups which are common sources of the daily potassium requirement, we must supplement while on the weight loss phase of the program. For example, a small banana contains 467 mgs of potassium, a third of a cup of raisins 363, one-half of a medium potato (with skin) about 422 mgs, one small orange roughly 240 mgs and one cup of 2% milk 377 mgs. We use our supplements only to replace what we are missing while temporarily giving up some of our common sources of potassium. Remember our dieters are required to consume 4 cups of vegetables, two green salads and a portion of whole protein per day. ***Interrupting here: Top 10 Vegetables Highest in Potassium***One-half cup of cooked mushrooms contains 277 mgs. of potassium, one cup of cooked asparagus (277), one cup of cooked zucchini or summer squash (346) and one cup of iceberg lettuce (87). Two examples of whole proteins would be: three ounces of baked or broiled salmon contain (319 mgs) while three ounces of roasted turkey (dark meat) have (259 mgs). When we “do the math” we can easily see that our dietary protocol comes in right about “dead-on” to the 2,000 mgs / day (between diet and supplements) that is recommended.

Them “doing the math” means 6 ounces of salmon (need 6-8oz a day of meat) so that’s 640mgs of potassium right there, and then 4 cups of veggies, let’s see you’re a sadist and you go with asparagus for all of them (your pee will reek btw), that’s an additional 1108mg of potassium…so you’re only missing 252mg of potassium…and their 800mg of Potassium bicarbonate ends up at 312mg (which is weird because that’s the exact weight of elemental potassium divided over the 800mg Potassium Bicarbonate), so slightly over the minimum.  They also “claim” the average potassium amount in their food products per day is another 332mgs (elemental potassium)…I conveniently have a nutritional sheet here…and the only things with enough potassium to reach that amount is if you had the chocolate selections (350mg-450 potassium, no joke per serving)  The rest of the items are either null or low enough that you’d be hard pressed to break 300mg throughout the day.  A supplement of Potassium Gluconate at 550 mg/tablet (yield 90mg actual potassium) could also achieve “stasis” with 3 tablets a day (addtl 270mg potassium), and it’s more than 3 times cheaper than bicarbonate for a 30 day supply.  Actually, Natura’s brand is $14 for a 30 day supply (1 pill / day), and Potassium Gluconate purchased from a grocery store had 100 pills for $4.95…which would be a 33 day supply, not that 3 days matter THAT Much, but just saying.  

OK well that’s all for my rambling right now, that was a lot of RAW data

6 comments on “Potassium

  1. TO be accurate, the Natura brand was a 100 day supply for $14.00, not a 30 day supply. So you can see, it in fact, was reasonably priced. I say “was” because they now use potassium citrate, and a 30 day supply is around $5.

    • Paula:
      It is OK to replace the Natura Potassium Bicarbonate but make sure you’re getting adequate potassium. I took 3/ day when I took the gluconate because it broke down differently than the bicarbonate.

  2. 3108 mg of potassium, plus + 252 mg in supplements is less than the required amount of potassium a day of 4.700mg.

    • Thanks for your feedback! The Potassium Gluconate is 550 mg/tablet x 3 tablets / day, which gets you to 1,650 if i did my math right, so that should get you a bit closer to the recommended amount of 4,700mg/day. Also, keep in mind the Ideal Protein system focuses on MINIMUM quantities, meaning all your nutritional value as well as carbohydrate and fat are at their absolute minimum values. The theory is that this will not be for life, it is a limited time you’ll be scraping the bottom of the nutritional barrel, so once you go back to the balanced approach you’ll be in the green again.

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