ThinkSlimmer now on Facebook!

It’s official, I snagged the Facebook page ThinkSlimmer, so I have , how awesome is that??  It’s going to take a while to get everything updated properly, but I’m hoping that this will help get some more folks informed about options available for safe, consistent weight loss.

My goals are as follows:

1)     Add my progress photos to one album

2)     Add all my Ideal Protein phases to one album

3)     Add my recipes to a inner page thingy if I can get one going

4)    Take over the world

If everything goes as planned, I should be Queen Bee of the free world by next February or so… 😉  Thanks for sticking with me everyone!

Bariwise Wild Berry Protein

Alright, time for another first…the Wild Berry flavored drink…my initial impression is kind of fear…it’s pink…like the strawberry kiwi was…oh well, here we go!

Oh it’s good!  And it’s sweet!  This totally could taste like an alcoholic drink, margarita or sangria somethin if made just right.  So glad that only one of the four flavors has been bad so far.  Chalk up another one for Bariwise!

Bariwise Peach Mango “Protein” drink

OK…the moment of truth…the first drink…not bad!  It kind of tastes like those little peachie-oh’s you can buy in the gas station.  You know the ones right? They’re gummy little rings coated in sugar, and you stick your tongue through the middle to see if you can rip them with the shear power of tongue?  No?  Well, maybe my childhood was different than some others.

All I know is, today’s lunch is not going to suck, so I’m happy!  Monday  night I tried the Strawberry Kiwi, and it was aweful, like, peptobismal aweful…so this is a pleasant change of pace.  For a snack I have Wild Berry to try later this afternoon…here’s hoping the trend of good continues!