Raging and Ranting Wednesday!!

Today is one of those days that I pity anyone who has the misfortune of crossing my path.  I’m somewhere between a cat-stuck-in-the-shower-when-it’s-on and dog-put-into-a-dress angry.  Don’t ask me why, I just am.  I hate it!  I want to find a punching bag and just demolish it.  At this moment, I feel like I can actually understand my dogs when they de-stuff a stuffed animal and spread its fluffy entrails throughout the entire house, I really get it.  My heart rate is higher than usual and I’m all twitchy.

All in all, it sucks.

Although c’mon, the picture of this dog is pretty freaking cute, right?  But that’s how I feel.  Yes, I might look cute and completely unintimidating, but I swear to all that’s holy, if you get too close I will totally bite your hand off!


Chipmunk RAGE!!!!

Today has been an exercise in patience, anger management, and self control.

I had to call a motorcycle parts company (btw hubby and I both have motorcycles, but his is in 2,000 pieces right now due to a rebuild) to see whether something was shipped yet, after a month, and they gave me a total runaround, and it sucked!

So now I’m back to debating whether to call Sweden (who the company would have ordered from in the first place), paying the $1.75/minute international long distance fee or just eat my shoe and wait it out.

On an up note, my new pattern eating seemed to pay off yesterday, down 0.6 pounds this morning, to a perfectly round 177.0  … I’m officially closer to 175 than I am to 180 now!