Guild Wars 2 and other realizations

So we got Guild wars 2 on Friday night from ArenaNet (or whoever they are called, honestly I’m about 1/3 awake yet) and started playing Saturday, stayed up all night, then again on Sunday, but went to bed at a decent hour.

So far, I’ve played maybe 5 hours of the game, or 6.  I’ll say it’s a combination of Rift and World of Warcraft, and it is a pretty well done game in general.  Fun to play, addicting, and has dynamic quests.

I’m playing an Elementalist, and it reminds me of a Shaman in WoW, except instead of having two sets of gear at this point, I have four “Stances” which change depending on what WEAPON I’m carrying.  So I have a set for: Staff , Dagger/Focus, Dagger/Dagger, Trident and I think one or two other ones, it’s kind of crazy.  The crafting and trading system feel really weird at this point, I keep catching myself hitting “B” for bag, or “Shift+B” for “All Bags”, but this game uses “I” instead, for Inventory I suppose.  “C” has been replaced with “H” for Hero (character sheet where you change out gear, add your talents etc.), and the crafting itself you have to be in one specific town to do, at least at this point (I am level 14, I feel like such a badass! LoL!

The game seems fun though, and I’m looking forward to the challenge.

My maintenance weigh in this morning seemed promising, 161.8, totally maintaining my loss from before Sturgis, so I’ll take that :).  My current actions are currently:

Breakfast – Atkins Bar

Lunch – either Atkins Bar or go out, if I go out, avoid carbs.

Dinner – normal people food.

Still no regular soda, I limit how much actual bread I’m eating and am using Sugar Free options whenever I can, it seems to be working so here’s hoping this trend continues.  I know I’ll have a gain during the cruise,  I’m just really hoping it will be minimal.  Speaking of, t-minus 17 days!!!

Atkins and Ideal Protein – What’s the difference?

Alright, so today I’m looking at the difference between Atkins and Ideal Protein.  Why is this you may ask?  Well, it’s because I’m using a hybrid between the two, to prevent some of the less comfortable side effects of Ideal Protein.

Let’s start with the similarities…Atkins has an A,T,I,N , so does Ideal Protein…no that’s not where the similarities stop, but wouldn’t it be funny if it was?  Both diets are considered ketogenic diets, as in, Ketosis, that fun little 7 letter word which means your body learns to burn its own fat stores rather than rely on carbohydrates.  Secondly, both diets severely restrict carbohydrate intake to force the body into the state of Ketosis; Atkins around 20g of carbs-40g of carbs per day, and Ideal Protein in the same “general” ball park.  OK so they’re similar in that.  Neither allow fruits or various dairy products (Ideal Protein moreso on restricting dairy to 1 oz skim milk/day).  Oh, AND think about how much protein is consumed; on Ideal Protein, it’s packets, shakes or bars, and roughly 60g+ per day, Atkins is using either shakes or bars, although the recommended amount can vary.  Finally, both diets accept that you are taking in less nutrients than what your body needs, so you need vitamins to balance out the deficit.  Oh, and let’s not forget that both are considered EXTREMELY controversial in some circles.

“Gail Frank, PhD, former spokeswoman for the organization and professor of nutrition at California State University in Long Beach, says, “The body needs a minimum of carbohydrates for efficient and healthy functioning — about 150 grams daily.” Below that, normal metabolic activity is disrupted.”

From – “The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends that you get about 50 to 55 percent of your daily calories from carbohydrates. Of the remainder, you should get about 25 to 30 percent from fat and 15 to 20 percent from protein. If you consume 2,200 calories per day, that means you’ll need to get between 1,100 and 1,210 calories each day — or 275 to 302 g per day — from carbohydrates.”

Unfortunately, that is where these diets’ similarities end.  Atkins allows for fatty foods, such as butter, cheese, mayo etc. while Ideal Protein promotes virtually not fat to go along with that side of no carb.  Atkins doesn’t promote vegetable intake like Ideal Protein does.

So what am I doing?  I’m taking a bit from both book.  I’m eating more fat than Ideal Protein recommends.  If I have a bit of cheese I’m not going to walk the plank.  I don’t measure my olive oil when I’m cooking, I’ll even cook with butter (how about them apples?!?) or melt it over my veggies.  I DO eat the 4 cups of veggies/day recommended by Ideal Protein, and have my salt intake every day to ensure good blood pressure is maintained.  Why am I doing this?  Because I feel each diet has some specific qualities that I like, such as both are very straight forward, and have little room for “error” or “fudging” the facts.  Also, they only differ in my diet with the fat intake.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t eat cheese unless it’s on a burger (which is wrapped in lettuce) or is melted on my broccoli, I don’t drink milk at all (I use a ready to drink shake in my morning coffee for extra protein), I eat no fruits whatsoever (wait, that’s hardly a change from the last 10 years of my life!), and now I can’t help but count calories or carbs and compare with protein with all my possible foodlings that I’ll consume.