Product Review: Bariwise Protein bar – Rockie Road


It’s edible, technically.    Super articicial sweetness to it, not in a good way.  Chewy, I have not determined if I managed to find a peanut in it, and would I ever buy this again?  Nope.  So far Wonderslim seems to have better tasting protein bars than Bariwise, as there are at least 2, if not 3, that I’d go crazy for (Cinnamon Crispy and Fudge graham).

DietDirect Monthly Sale on Bariwise Bars

Use coupon Code 203BAR20 through March 29 for 20% off BariWise Protein Bars

If you are considering trying out the dietdirect product line, now might be the time to snatch up some Bariwise products.  The 20% discount gets the price from $11.95/box of 7 down to a more manageable $9.56/box.  The reason this offer excludes cases is that Bariwise knocks the price down on cases by 20% anyways, so double dipping on discounts is kind of a no-no.  In other news, Wonderslim has a handful of their puddings on sale this week, about $10.15 / box of 7, including the caramel and butterscotch flavors (both of which I intend to try at some point).

Diet Direct Product Review: Bariwise Caramel Crunch

Today I got a sample of the Caramel Crunch Protein Bar.  Let’s start with the nutrition, then I’ll focus on everything else.

Calories: 170
Fat: 5.5g
Sat Fat: 4.0g
Trans Fat: 0
Cholesterol: 5mg
Sodium: 100mg
Carbohydrates: 16g
Fiber: 2g
Sugar: 8g
Protein: 15g

OK, now that THAT is out of the way…

Appearance: Boxes lie.  This does not look like the box.  Yes it’s covered in chocolate, and technically has caramel in the middle (do not judge me for breaking it open and looking at it before taking a bite), but the “crispy” coating on the outside is way understated compared to the image, and the caramel is more of a 1:8 ratio with the peanut buttery base, rather than the 1:1 they’re displaying in the image.  Moving on!

The first bite:  Weird consistency…kind of like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter eggs (you know the ones, that have the Reese’s stuff inside but look egg shaped and cost like $0.50?)    Caramel…not so much.  More like peanut butter flavor and a bit of a caramel undertone.  The crunch is kind of reminiscent of a Nestle Crunch bar.

The remaining bites: Nibble vs. shovel…definitely shovel.  There is something about the first bite that is less than appealing, but like booze, it seems to tend to improve with the number of bites you take.

Buy it again?:  Honestly?  I don’t think so.  There are other protein bars that I still enjoy more than this bad boy.  Don’t get me wrong, if I was uber hungry (like now) and in a pinch (again, like now), then this bar would definitely get the job done.  And with 15g of protein and only 170 calories, it isn’t going to weigh too heavily on my conscience tonight when I go home.

Bariwise Wild Berry Protein

Alright, time for another first…the Wild Berry flavored drink…my initial impression is kind of fear…it’s pink…like the strawberry kiwi was…oh well, here we go!

Oh it’s good!  And it’s sweet!  This totally could taste like an alcoholic drink, margarita or sangria somethin if made just right.  So glad that only one of the four flavors has been bad so far.  Chalk up another one for Bariwise!