Reign over my Dominion

Alright, so that can’t get much more obtuse…my bad?  After careful consideration, and 6 months of blog ownership, I have decided to take the metaphorical plunge into domain ownership.  My blog will now be , as well as (both link up so it’s all the same).

What does this mean for the folks who check here for info?  Nothing is changing, don’t worry!  What does this mean for everyone else?  It’ll be easier to find my blog.

With that said, I’m looking forward to Christmas break to be able to get this blog updated the way it deserves!

Buy ???

So I saw this last night during my extreme searching, and turns out the website is for sale!

My heart pitter pattered all the way to my e-mail, where I inquired as to the price.  Apparently this was only for “Serious Inquiry” and my piddly offer of $100 was basically laughed at.  The price…get ready for it…

$8,000 (yes, Eight Thousand Dollars)!!!!

Oh my God are you serious?? No way am I going to pay THAT much money for a domain, that’s ridiculous!  So I guess that means that I’ll be sticking with WordPress until the .Blog’s open up next year sometime, because some how I don’t think I’d get $8,000 to pay for the full domain URL.


Such is life I guess, goodbye, you were a nice idea, but I can’t spend that kind of money on you when I could buy a car for the same amount…