Gym’in it

I jumped on the scale this morning; 177.0 LBS.  That means I’ve regained 16.8 pounds since August 2nd.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not beating myself up “too” bad, as it’s been nearly 4 months to regain half the weight I lost, but it’s enough to give me a wake up call.

My husband and I went to check out a local gym which is paired with a hospital here: Avera Fitness Center.  The facility looks brand spanking new and has tons of machines, group activities and two pools (regulation size and a theraputic heated pool).  Their locker rooms are amazing, with whirlpools, combs, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, deodorant and blow dryers and extremely knowledgable staff.

They gave us a 3-day pass to try it out, we’re going tonight after work.  Our theory is this: get home, let the dogs out, get out stuff, hit the gym, come home, shower, make dinner.   Three to four nights each week.

What does this mean for me?  It means I can start exercising in a facility that is so beautiful that I don’t really feel like it’s some ho-hum gym.  They have classes starting at about 5:30AM and they go until after 6:30 (latest one starts at 6:50PM).  They are open on the weekends and are close to our house.

Why am I rambling so much about a gym?  Because I’m trying to get pumped up for it.

Fast Forward 8 hours from when I started this post.

I’ve been to the gym, walked 1/2 a mile around the track, did 25 leg presses (sadly to say only at 150 lbs, I weigh 177…sooo…I cannot leg press my own weight), 15 crunch thingies and then 5 minutes on a stairmaster and 10 minutes on a treadmill at 3.5 mph 1.5 incline.

It took me about 45 minutes to do it all, said and done with getting showered afterwards, and I am feeling GREAT!  I’m taking it easy at the gym, hopefully this will help me get the habit of going there first, then look at making it tougher.

I’m taking tomorrow off from exercise, but will be back Friday night.

Why is re-starting a diet so damn hard???


I promise I try to be good, every single day, but it feels like I’m a smoker who’s going to quit, and I quit every day, only to light back up after breakfast the next morning.

I say “I’m back on my diet” as I reach for a soft shell taco at a local restaurant.  “I know what I’m doing” as I reheat my leftover Chinese food for dinner.  “It’s ok,” I say, “It has chicken and a lot of veggies in it, and I’m not eating all the Spicy Brown Sauce.”

Even to my own ears the excuses seem to fall flat, obvious in their attempt at justification.

“I’ll restock on healthy food when I get paid, my shelves are bare from me being gone for a week.” seems to be translating into “I’ll start tomorrow.” and I have to wonder, how many “tomorrow’s” will there be before the scale starts to go up again?

I fought tooth and nail to get down to 162, and although as of yesterday I was below that, I didn’t weigh myself this morning, and deep down I think I know why:

My head is firmly buried in the sand

Have you ever known you were gaining weight, or cheating on a diet, so you avoid the scale?  It’s like keeping your eyes closed at a scary movie.  Everything is happening anyway, but you don’t want to see it.

Today I will try again, and yes, I am out of my GNC shakes, and my Wonderslim is depressingly low, but that is no excuse not to TRY.

PS, my 110 lb dog, Dante, says hello, and…

He is such a sweetheart that one.  And yes, he is a Husky mix, here he is:

Yes really, that’s him…kind of funny that I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think he is fat, either, and it makes total sense his head is buried in the snow…

Today I will bring my cinnamon vanilla cereal to work and snack on it if I get hungry.  It has 15g of protein and only 4g carbs in a baggie.  I will also eat my soup that is at work, another 15g protein and about 6g of net carbs.  Finally, I will drink my 80 ounces of water today, I swear, I will…try.

With that being said, I’ve held myself accountable to the world, and left it all out there, so to speak, and now I go to start my day anew.

Scan a pic scan a pic scan a pic crash!

So last night, a friend of ours needed some help doing a promotional video, which would end up being a job application (they asked for one specifically)…I had been busy scanning my family photos to have a digital copy for my trip to the black hills this weekend, and then it happened.  The guys asked for my expertise.

I thought back to the months of tutorials I’ve been doing at my new job (which I totally love, btw) and gave him all the tips and tricks of my trade.  It is gratifying to realize that I’ve gotten so much better at doing my tutorials that I make it look easy.  So at about 11:30 I decided to go back in and try to scan more photos, the boys left to run a quick errand, and by 12:00 (yeah, the midnight kind) I was realizing that I was re-scanning the same photo 3 times…That was indicative of “time to go to bed” for me.  I toddle off to bed only to realize I was missing my husband…whoops?

Our dog, banished from the bedroom

Fast forward to 5:00AM, didn’t realize my alarm clock had reset and it was showing 5:00PM…let my dogs out and then back in, close the bedroom door thinking both are in there with us…only to find out at 7:30AM(PM) that we left our older dog in the main part of the house…when he started barking at the door… (7:30 is breakfast time).  Actually, he saved the day, because my alarm was not going to go off for another 11 and a half hours…so Thank You Dante, you saved me from being super late to work.

I suppose it’s time to start my work day…only 36 hours until our Shinedown concert at the Sioux Empire Fair, then another 12 hours until leaving for Sturgis…the week of chaos is nearly upon us!!!

Fidgety Friday

Well, I made it, it is Friday, and ain’t no one gonna take that away from me!  The motorcycle is officially up and running, after a 1:00AM test run resulting in a 1:30AM IHOP visit, and a 2:00+ bed time for me and the mechanic.  So today…is a coffee kind of a day…I would like to start by saying, coffee is the nectar of the gods…just saying…and I’m tired enough that a Venti Pike Place from Starbucks isn’t even making me jittery…

Nope…in fact, I feel almost, nearly, practically human as long as I’m on this stuff…unfortunately I know that eventually the caffeine will leave my system, and I will crash.  I’m only hoping that I can make it through the day.  The coffee clears the fog, sharpens my wit (slightly) and makes me appear mildly more human.  As I swish the remaining coffee in my recycled-paper cup and hear the gentle sloshing below my cardboard cozie I can’t help but panic a little.  It’s almost gone!  Do I wait, and risk drinking it cold, but get that last shot of caffeine when I need it most?  Or do I finish it off, knowing that that’s it, the last of it, finito, done, ended, terminated, d-e-d dead…it’s like staring at my last meal at this point…

I swallow the last of the coffee in a fit of desperation…if it’s gone I can’t obsess over it anymore.  Goodbye my strong and bitter friend, I will write you a eulogy that would make even Hitler cry…

Well, that’s it for me, at least for now…unfortunately I’m thinking I probably won’t blog this weekend, unless it’s about my trip to Valley Fair, and it’d be a short, sweet, photo and probably nothing more than a quick caption as I will be laptopless until Sunday night.  Speaking of, I will also be scale-less until Sunday, meaning today’s weigh in is the LAST weigh in before Monday…and I’ll truly have no idea what happens to my weight until the moment of truth, yikes!!!!  Hoping that Monday shows at the MOST 169.0 (meaning a 1.2 lb loss) but I’d settle for 169.8 (25 lbs lost) in a pinch….that’s all for now…and as always, THINK SLIMMER!

Week 8, day 4 of my diet

Weighed again this morning, apparently sleep deprivation and spray painting agree with me, down another 0.6 LBS woohoo!  So this week I’ve lost: 1.0, 0.4, 0.6 lbs respectively, so I would like to say, hell yeah!  Not only that but I’m almost sweet 16! Or rather, into the 160’s, which I haven’t seen in a WHILE (thinking 5 years…) so 170.6 today, hoping tomorrow is down again.  I know this is a honeymoon, but I still can dream.  Most weeks my total loss is 1.5-2.5 approximately, so hoping for a 3 lb loss this week I don’t think is really practical, but hell, maybe my body was just getting a breather before starting some heavier losses…in .8 pounds I get another bead for my charm bracelet, that’ll be 5 charms on this little guy, 5 reminders that I am WORTH THIS and that I DESERVE THIS and that I CAN REALLY ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISH THIS.  Ok done with the all caps.  Good morning to the world.